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Ignite Minds Family Crafting Day at Dragonflytoys.

Wax is unmoved without heat. The amazing quality of wax is its ability to transfer heat. Through persistent kneading, rolling and squeezing wax is overcome by your energy, will and purpose. Combining the wax with other found objects led to whimsical absorbing play.

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How green is my eco toy when I shop online?

At Dragonfly toys we have taken the time to curate a diverse selection of Waldorf and Steiner Toys that will encourage open ended imaginative play. This means that our toys are selected from artists and craftspeople and are handmade with care with an emphasise on function and not form so that your child can perpetually repurpose the toy to meet the needs of the play that takes their fancy.

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The long, hot days of summer ...

We hope you've all had a fantastic summer holiday! At Dragonfly we did, with a well deserved break, but we're back on deck now and better than ever. Mind you, whenever the hot weather starts to peter out, we get a little lonesome and are apt to feel nostalgic about the summer - and all the summers - that's gone.

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Have a musical Christmas!

There's nothing quite like the joy of Christmas to a small child. Adults may be inclined to forget the sheer excitement the mysterious red-robed visitor gives to kids, who leave perhaps a slice of cake, a drink and the obligatory carrot or celery for the reindeer on the evening of the 24th. Christmas inspires kids to hope, to be grateful, to spread joy through sharing and to celebrate love. At Dragonfly Toys and, of course, at Ignite Minds - where we train our educators in the most important job in the world, looking after children in family daycare - these...

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A puzzle for Christmas

Puzzles are perhaps one of the defining toys - and joys - of childhood. We've all seen our kids absorbed in a puzzle of some kind, and it's gratifying to know that puzzles not only engage your children, but that they also learn through playing with them. Puzzles really go to town with brain development! They provide an opportunity for your child to engage with the world around them, improve their hand-eye coordination, and develop their fine motor skills. And for smaller children and toddlers, puzzles can help them develop their gross motor skills. Puzzles help them set goals, help...

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