A few things to think about when buying toys for your baby.  How old is your child?  Consider bright contrasting colours for a child up to 6 - 8 months as their eyes are not fully developed.  Contrasting patterns and shadows capture attention.

Your child is processing 3 to 4 decisions every second.  This is more than double a mature adult.  Think about providing choice through repetition.  For example, how many ways does your toy move, do colours taste different, what does it sound like?  When your baby plays with the toy he or she will be reinforcing and exploring.

How is your child's grip?  Once your child develops the 'pincer grip' they will begin the process of collection, ordering and reordering.  Our 'stacking bowls' are great for this as children can stack like blocks or fill with household treasures.

Is your child crawling?  Think about rolling toys that will extend their reach and encourage movement.  For example, our rolling rattle wheel is easy to push and will extend your child's movement and encourage crawling.

Remember, you know your child best and when your 'advisors' go home, it is you that is raising your child!  If you can't find what your looking for please call us.  Happy shopping!

Dragonfly Toys

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