Give Generously to the ASRC giving tree

Every year our family is blessed to give and receive so many wonderful gifts at Christmas time. It has become something of a tradition in our household to share the abundance that Christmas brings with others that may not be so lucky. So as preparations for Christmas rolls around, we each take the time to chose something special to put under a Giving Tree.    This year we thought that we would like to share this special tradition with our lovely customers. We have teamed up with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)​ to create a giving tree of wonderful...

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Ignite Minds Family Crafting Day at Dragonflytoys.

Wax is unmoved without heat. The amazing quality of wax is its ability to transfer heat. Through persistent kneading, rolling and squeezing wax is overcome by your energy, will and purpose. Combining the wax with other found objects led to whimsical absorbing play.

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Why is stacking and building with blocks so important?

I learnt something the other day. One of our students focus children has been increasingly labelled a problem child by staff because he loves to build tall towers and knock them down. This has been treated as out of control and overly boisterous behaviour. Why did it come to this?

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Family Crafting at the Abbotsford Convent

By popular demand we are organising a series of events for families and children. We are part of Ignite Minds family day care and invite parents and educators to participate in this wonderful event.  We are very fortunate to be able to work with Carol Liknaitzky. She is an established educator with over 40 years of experience working within the Waldorf movement in South Africa and Australia. This is a truly special event. We hope to see you there! Bookings can be made here   Subscribe to Facebook event for updates here.

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How green is my eco toy when I shop online?

At Dragonfly toys we have taken the time to curate a diverse selection of Waldorf and Steiner Toys that will encourage open ended imaginative play. This means that our toys are selected from artists and craftspeople and are handmade with care with an emphasise on function and not form so that your child can perpetually repurpose the toy to meet the needs of the play that takes their fancy.

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