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It's all about chalk play

There's a wonderful story from Sydney about a man who has sunk into despair and alcoholism. He was wounded in the First World War, but his problems had begun in Balmain well before then, and by the Depression years his life was virtually over. But one day, after hearing a powerful sermon, he finds a piece of chalk in his pocket, bends down to the footpath and scribbles the word Eternity on the concrete. The odd thing was that the man was almost illiterate, but the word came out in a beautiful copperplate script. For the next 35-odd years Arthur...

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Releasing your child's inner tiger

Painting a tiger or a snake or a butterfly on a child's face is similar to the child donning a mask. If you've dabbled in Commedia or theatre or even just tried masks on, you'll know there's a certain power in a mask. It's akin to donning a new persona. When I tell stories to kids I use masks, and each one, whether it be a crow or a galah or the mighty sun, brings its own energy and power. Some masks used in Tibetan ceremonies are kept locked away all year, and only brought out for an annual ritual. And...

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An exciting sneak preview

I am so excited about these new pencil rolls and artist totes, that I couldn't wait any longer to post a few photos and tell you a little about them. It's a bit of a long story, so I'll just give you the short version... Earlier this year my husband and I travelled to India with our 3 children in order to visit my husband's family and show our children a little of what life is like outside of Australia. We were lucky enough to have 3 months there, so before we left Australia I decided that I would spend...

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