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Ignite Minds Family Crafting Day at Dragonflytoys.

Wax is unmoved without heat. The amazing quality of wax is its ability to transfer heat. Through persistent kneading, rolling and squeezing wax is overcome by your energy, will and purpose. Combining the wax with other found objects led to whimsical absorbing play.

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Weaving a magic tapestry

In a wonderful traditional Chinese folktale, an old woman weaves the most exquisite tapestry, encompassing streams, fish, animals and flowers. It is a gorgeous piece of work, which takes her three years to complete. One day, as her three sons are arguing about who should inherit it, a gust of wind carries it out the window and off into the eastern sky. Creating something beautiful from balls of coloured wool is an almost magical experience for kids. I remember the first time I tried weaving - many years ago - and the experience has stayed with me ever since. While...

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Creativity on the journey

Every child is born an artist. It is remaining an artist that is difficult. — Pablo Picasso. Every child seems to be born with a creative impulse. It's instinctive, as much a part of being human as is higher thought or longing to go home. Of course not all your little guys will turn out to be Picassos, but by nurturing and encouraging the art maker in your child, they will undoubtedly become more of a rounded human being. They will be better at seeing other points of view, be better at thinking for themselves and working out new ways...

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Releasing your child's inner tiger

Painting a tiger or a snake or a butterfly on a child's face is similar to the child donning a mask. If you've dabbled in Commedia or theatre or even just tried masks on, you'll know there's a certain power in a mask. It's akin to donning a new persona. When I tell stories to kids I use masks, and each one, whether it be a crow or a galah or the mighty sun, brings its own energy and power. Some masks used in Tibetan ceremonies are kept locked away all year, and only brought out for an annual ritual. And...

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Spring Crafts, Tissue Paper Flower Garland

I am starting to look around for some great Spring Crafts to share with you.. I have a few things planned for this weekend which I will put up on the site next week.. but until then, what about this gorgeous and simple Tissue Paper Flower Garland Tutorial that I found at Origami Mommy... so simple and mess free... quick and easy enough for young children to make...grab some tissue paper and make one this weekend! String your flowers together for a beautiful spring decoration or keep it in mind for a for a sweet birthday garland... (you could even...

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