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PRODUCT REVIEW: Kraul Big Cable Car Kit

I gave the Kraul Big Cable Car Kit and Station to my three boys at Christmas time and it was such a hit. After the assembly, which we had to help them with as they are a little too young to do it themselves, we hung the cable between our climbing tree out the front of our house and the verandah. The boys had so much fun passing messages and goods between the house and the tree. I loved that the whole set up required some thought from the boys, measuring where the cable would fit between and giving us...

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Co-operative Games to play as friends, not enemies

Unfortunately I can’t open and play every single game I stock, but I have played several of these Co-operative Games from Family Pastimes with my own children and was thrilled to find that even though the competitive element of the game was removed, they were still fun and challenging – and really the only element missing was that at the end of the game I wasn’t faced with the usual upset, defeated younger brother and the proudly victorious older brother. Rather than arguments about the rules and who is cheating, I found that my boys were high five-ing each other...

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Kraul toys and kits now available

Kraul toys and kits now available at Dragonfly Toys... I have been admiring the amazing toys and science kits made by German toymakers Kraul for many years and I recently had the exciting moment of unpacking my first shipment from them.. Kraul’s kits are not in any way a traditional science kit. They allow a child to explore, play and discover using gravity, motion, wind, light and water. One of the first kits to catch my eye was the Cable Car Kit. I could just see my boys with this kit rigged up outside transporting little people, snacks or secret...

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