PRODUCT REVIEW: Kraul Big Cable Car Kit

I gave the Kraul Big Cable Car Kit and Station to my three boys at Christmas time and it was such a hit. After the assembly, which we had to help them with as they are a little too young to do it themselves, we hung the cable between our climbing tree out the front of our house and the verandah. The boys had so much fun passing messages and goods between the house and the tree. I loved that the whole set up required some thought from the boys, measuring where the cable would fit between and giving us different ideas on its purpose. Friends who come over would gravitate towards the tree and the cable car at once! One thing though, don’t leave your cable car out in the rain, it will require reglueing. Buy the Kraul Big Cable Car Kit now at Dragonfly Toys Brand: Kraul Price: $44.50 (at time of publishing) Made in Germany

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