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woody2Many of us perhaps have felt that we have not had an adequate summer but here comes Autumn! I love Autumn and perhaps it is my favourite season. Although not in abundance, the disiduous trees with their leaves are still about, still reminding me of the ever changing seasons and the passing of time. Autumn is generally a relief after a sweltering summer and there is much to love about the Autumnal harvest and the excitement of the approaching soup weather (is anyone like me...soup and children= the perfect quick healthy meal). To celebrate the oncoming season I have many new (and classic) books in for you to share with your children. I also would like to highlight some of our craft books available for you to add meaning to all of the seasons. For young children we have the beautiful board book by Gerda Muller simply titled Autumn. This is a picture book without words but the pictures are oh so lovely. Not only will children love looking at it but it will stimulate discussion of what is in the pictures with your child, rather than simply being read to.'Woody, Hazel and Little Pip'. This story follows the adventures of two Acorn children who get blown away in the wind. With delightful characters such as Mr Squirrel who lets the boys ride on his back and the chestnut children who help fix their raft, what is not to love! Sibylle von Olfers' The Story Of the Wind Children' is stunningly illustrated and tells the story of George who is upset that his toy sailboats will not sail. One of the wind children see what is happening and says "This is no good...Let's see what we can do". Willow, the wind sprite then takes him to play and meet the Rosehip children gathering apples, play with the leaf children and ride on horse shaped clouds. I love this book and so will your child. Making meaning out of the seasons and celebrating them puts children in touch with the natural world and their natural wonder and curioristy is stimulated. Young children learn by imitation so to see you pointing out and loving the changing season will make them too point out natural wonders and respect mother nature and her offerings. Celebrating Festivals with Children is written by the famous Freya Jaffke. Although it discusses the celebrations and seasons in regard to the Northern Hemisphere, you can readily apply it to ours. Every festival is prefaced with a deeper contemplation for adults, before considering preparation with children, followed by games, crafts, activities and decorations, stories, songs, poems and the seasonal nature table. The Nature Corner gives instructions and diagrams for making the figures and objects for the seasonal display. Other titles that Dragonfly stocks to help make meaning out of the year and to celebrate the changing of the seasons include Earthwise, The Children's Year  All Year Round and Crafts throughout the Year. However you celebrate and honour Autumn, may you have a lovely season.

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