The Magnificent Jambu Tree Kids

mangotreeWe have a good amount of travel in our day, living 40 minutes from the school so good music in the car is a must! It can change the whole mood of our morning.

If you have school age children I am sure you can relate to the morning stress of clothes, lunch, bags...goodness! Quick clean your teeth etc. Sometimes once I get them all in the car I feel just so rattled. Putting some uplifting children's music on immediately stops this feeling and I find, no matter how the morning went, that by the time we get to school we are all singing at the top of our voices.

I have an awful amount of gratitude for the lovely duo at Jambu Tree Kids for helping my family through otherwise testing car trips.

‘Jambu Tree Kids’ is the collaboration of 2 colourful Australian musicians, Rob Shannon and Rochelle Wright; both passionately dedicated to bring the joy of music into children’s lives. Many families in Australia and around the world have loved the vibrant, fun and uplifting music of

The Jambu Tree’ (NCEIA award winning album). Longest running ABC children’s program ‘Playschool’ has recently performed music from ‘The Jambu Tree’. New release & follow up album, ‘The Magnificent Mango Tree’ (2011) is another wonderful collection of fresh, original and unforgettable songs. It is rich in acoustic instrumentation, capturing the essence of our outdoor Australian lifestyle, as well as introducing children to some enriching melodies and rhythms of world music traditions.

Both albums will have everyone singing, dancing and jamming along! Included is a beautifully illustrated lyrics booklet by Melbourne based Artist Trace Balla. Dragonfly now has in stock both of their wonderful titles- 'The Jambu Tree' & 'The Magnificent Mango Tree'. There is a wonderful sense of time and place about these albums and it makes me want to move way up north IMMEDIATELY so that I too can have great big mango trees outside my window!!

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