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Our beautiful Steiner dolls are made by a small workshop employing Tibetan women living in exile in India. Mona, who established the doll making workshop speaks of the signifance of this type of work for the Tibetan women.  "Firstly, the work required is easily learned and suitable for any women with an interest in handicrafts, so it lends itself to the large amount of untrained, jobless women of the Tibetan society in India.

The making of the dolls itself is a very nurturing activity, which can strengthen ones confidence and sense of achievement – both lacking in many women, especially if they didn’t receive any education or training or don’t even speak the local languages.

Also, by providing flexible work times the project aims to address specific female needs. Many women have other commitments and find it difficult to combine them with full time work."

Linda took the idea of a Steiner doll to Mona's workshop, who specialise in making Tibetan style dolls in traditional dress. After several prototypes we are so happy to be able to sell the Steiner doll. We have boy and girl dolls available with different colour hair and eye colour. Many parents like to buy a doll the same gender and hair colour as their child and we are happy to be able to provide this choice.

I bought a doll for my son Ezra for Christmas. He is four and I must admit, with two older brothers I was concerned that the doll would perhaps be something he wouldn't go for but I was sure he would love one. I'm glad I went with my instincts because Ezra loves his doll, which he called Lucky. He carries him around the house and lucky either joins in or sits beside him as he plays. He changes Lucky into his pyjamas at night and when I check on him before I go to bed I see Lucky held tight in his arms as he sleeps.

And now his seven year old brother is yearning for a friend of his own....

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