The word Papoose comes from the American Indian word to swaddle a baby. Renske Carobone, the lady behind Papoose, said she chose the word because it evoked the feeling of soft, natural,warm felt and she also liked the word for how it looked written down. Through a series of life changes she made her way to Nepal, where she discovered their talent for the traditional craft of felting One of the stories about how felt originated was that it was discovered by sheep herders who had lined their footwear with plucks of wool from the sheep they were minding for warmth and found that after many sweaty footsteps around the Himilayas that the wool had turned itself into felt. They do not make felt like that anymore (that would be very time consuming). Lucky for us this traditional craft has been turned into beautiful children's products. The felt food by Papoose is perfect for pretend kitchen play. What child doesn't love cooking up a storm or creating their own shop! The new food sets come in a box and are a complete dinner- the felt bento box is a favourite as well as the felt sandwich. The fish and chip box is also a loved and 'special treat' dinner. The felt animals are gorgeous and very well priced. I can't go past the giraffe for cuteness but the elephants and donkeys give them a run for their money. The Papoose felt craft kits are good sellers for the children who can't get enough 'craft' into their days. The craft bag kits are useful as well..they will be so proud to use their creations! A great thing to have on stand by for that unexpected school birthday party you completely forgot about!. Of all the Papoose products the one item that makes me melt every time I look at it is the mushroom sitsak or 'pouf'. Red and white mushrooms...what makes them so adorable?

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