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One of the joys of having kids is getting enjoyable and beautiful things for them to play with. And there is always the vicarious pleasure you get from seeing them engage with their world and having a ball with their toys and craft activities. And often, it's not at all vicarious ... Who hasn't felt the urge to explore their own creativity as their kids get drawing or creating? Or joined in with them? I know at least two adults/parents who have embarked on art courses after encouraging the creativity in their kids sparked their own creativity into action.
Maybe in part those adults were trying to escape screaming toddlers or cleaning up the results of their children's first art works. As US choreographer Twyla Tharp famously said: "Art is the only way to run away without leaving home," but whatever your motivation, Dragonfly Toys has a dazzling range of quality art materials. At the simplest, our Lyra Rainbow Pencils can give you four colours at once, turning the simplest lines into works of art. Our Lyra Super Ferby Coloured Pencils are available in a range of individual colours. If you need to replace a much loved and worn out colour, if you have lost a colour, or if you want to add an exciting new colour to your range such as gold, silver or metallic purple, this is an ideal option.
While we're still on drawing and colouring, one of our more unusual offerings is our Islamic Patterns Colouring Book, a high-quality colouring book. This book is right for older children and adults, and it features the geometric and arabesque patterns used in Islamic art, taken from carpets, pottery and buildings. This is a wonderful way explore the Islamic world through its visual patterns. Our Art Nouveau Workshop by Djeco is suitable for older children - and the child at heart - and is based on the works of Gustav Klimt. The set includes 10 felt brush pens, a gold tipped felt pen, two sheets of stickers and four base pictures.
Origami Bird gamesAnd have a look at our craft kits, with everything from Sand Mandalas and Origami Bird Games to Felt Kits and our wonderful Carve a Stamp Kit, to help you get started with your own rubber stamps. In this tough, rational economic climate, when we are often persuaded that the bottom line is all that matters and beauty and art can fall by the way before the economic bulldozer, it never hurts to cultivate the right side of our brain! As Pablo Picasso wrote; "Everything you can imagine is real".

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