Unearthing the past for inspiration

Dragonfly_Paleontology-2There is something special about prising treasures from the earth. Miners, of course, know it, and so do archaeologists and palaeontologists. The earth continues to yield treasures from the past, whether they be early settlers' pitchforks or ancient fossils from the bottom of the sea. And without archaeologists and palaeontologists we would be limited to knowing about only the cultures that had a written language or were written about. There would be a body of oral history, but no way to check its validity. We would be limited to around the last 3000 years of the human past. Many of the languages we now know would be unknown and untranslated. We would have some evidence of the earlier history, but we would know almost nothing about it without archaeology. A team of archaeologists in Britain recently excavated the grave of Richard III, and the bones yielded a treasure trove of information, confirming many of the historical (and fictional) facts we had about the fifteenth century monarch. Their excitement was palpable as they ripped up a 20th century carpark and almost immediately stumbled upon the bones. Dragonfly_t-rex-triceratops-excavation-kit-21530Our Mini Excavation Dinosaur Kits from die Spiegelburg are a great present for the budding explorers and junior palaeontologists in your family. Just like real palaeontologists, your kids can literally dig out the bones of a Stegosaurus, Tricerotops, Velicoraptor or Tyrannosaurus Rex from a block, and then assemble them into a complete skeleton. They can feel some of the excitement of an explorer, unearthing treasures from the earth. After excavation, they then assemble the individual bones into a complete skeleton. The Mini Excavation Dinosaur Kits are packed in beautifully embossed metal tin, and a palaeontologist's spatula, brush and instructions are included. Die Spiegelburg are a quality manufacturer of children's toys and puzzles. With our focus at the beginning of Advent on minerals and the earth, digging fossils is a great way to get your kids interested in their world.

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