Adult play is compulsory!

By Andrew McKenna Let's face it, who doesn't love a cable car? Small children, adults grinning stupidly, commuters at the bottom of the mountain ... James Bond. Some of my highlights from travelling overseas have been trips on cable cars. Valparaíso has a beauty. To be more precise it's a funicular railway, climbing up a steep hillside with the brilliant colours of Valpa and the sea beyond spreading below.
 Another ripper was in Bournemouth, but this time I had the added thrill of taking my boys on it. They were wide-eyed with delight, and it remains one of the highlights of my young fellow's trip, (and one of the few things he remembers). Cable cars have us suspended in space, neither airborne nor earthbound, but somewhere in between. I've no doubt gnomes enjoy it too. They must get that sense of a thrill when young hands lift them out of their everyday existence in the toybox, prop them up in a cable car and send them giddily spinning high above the loungeroom carpet. Dragonfly has some wonderful cablecars to make fascinating presents for the young engineers in your household. Our Kraul Mini Cable Car comes with two cablecars, two stations and a winch. One car can be transporting gnomes or goods while the other is coming back to the carpet to pick up more passengers.
Our Basket Cable Car Kit, also from Kraul, is ideal for horizontal or vertical attachment to tables, shelves, trees ... the sky is literally the limit here. And that's the point.Kraul are specialist German makers of quality toys designed to help kids construct their own moving vehicles and then explore, through play, the mechanics behind them. Building one requires skill, and it's completed with a healthy dose of imagination and play thrown in. Each set comes with building materials and complete instructions. While I'm a fan of cable cars and funiculars, I'm not (yet) about to start recording their arrival and departure times at their stations. Nevertheless, there's something really engaging about this way of moving around the earth. Some adult play is compulsory! Possibly a little supervision, too.

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