Swings and trampolines

I've always found trampolines disconcerting. I never grew up with a trampoline, and bouncing around on one as an adult invariably creates this feeling in me perhaps best described as a sailor without sea legs. I get disoriented, dizzy, nauseous, and start looking for a bucket.

Perhaps I could do with a long sea voyage with a trampoline on each deck to overcome my phobia, but if I had that long sea voyage I'd most likely spend it in the library or enjoying 5 o'clock drinks on the poop deck (whatever that is). I will grant, though that there's almost nothing quite so comforting to an infant as being rocked. It comes naturally to us as parents, and as adults most of us can enjoy a rock in a favourite rocking chair. Even I can manage that without a sweat. The reasons are complex, and may even hark back to our ancestral time in the trees, but it's enough to know that the 'aaah' hormones - serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine - come into play. Oxytocin alone is implicated in lowering blood pressure, helping ease pain, promoting a body state that will allow better healing, increasing our capacity to deal with anxiety and stress, calming our moods and increasing security and trust. Dragonfly_baby_swing_wooden_mediumRocking is a great soother, and it's no wonder kids seek it out naturally. We have a range of swings at Dragonfly, from the tiniest birchwood ones to soothe your children's felt gnomes, to larger ones that get the aaah hormones flowing in toddlers and infants. They're made of all-natural, non-toxic materials, by German company Hess, an award-winning and leading European manufacturer of eco- and sustainably made quality wooden toys for babies and toddlers. So now all I'm looking for is the Hess trampoline - or perhaps that long sea voyage.

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