Notes growing on a marble tree

Since our early ancestors crouched around the fire and gazed out into the night, humans have recognised and intentionally used sound and music to help us bond and create. The earliest flute – and possibly the earliest instrument – is thought to be 40,000 years old and made from the wing bone of a bird. In the last century in the West the scientific community established what most of us know anyway from personal experience, that music improves our lives and our learning, and is integral to our lives as human beings. We’re all aware of how important music is in children’s learning and development. marble-tree-lrg2

At Dragonfly Toys we believe it is important to introduce children to music early, and one of our most fun and whimsical musical toys is the Musical Marble Tree. The Marble Tree comes in mini, medium and large, and is a delight for children aged three and upwards. The idea is simple, and it can provide hours of stimulating play. Your child (and you) simply drop a marble onto the top of the tree and as it rolls down the coloured leaves, each leaf rings out a different note. The trees are hand-crafted of natural timber in Germany, and the leaves are coloured with non-toxic dyes. The trees come with four to six marbles, depending on size. You may like to try our Haba ghostly glow in the dark marbles.  The Marble Tree is a fun way to introduce your child to music, but also at an early age to help them learn that they can create their own. What more reward can you hope from a simple and beautiful toy like this? Chris Boyd, from Johns Hopkins University in the US has found that music helps us learn because it:

  • establishes a positive learning state
  • creates a desired atmosphere
  • builds a sense of anticipation
  • energises learning activities
  • changes brain wave states
  • focuses concentration
  • increases attention
  • improves memory
  • facilitates a multi-sensory learning experience
  • releases tension
  • enhances imagination
  • develops rapport
  • provides inspiration and motivation
  • adds an element of fun
You may also like our other musical instruments which can be located at

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