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slspring1-170x170Spring is an expansive time; a time when children have more energy and are needing room outside to move after the inside time spent during winter.

Celebrate spring with the planting of seeds and other garden activities. Involve the children in the real work of the garden, giving them tools and jobs to do. Perhaps even make with them their own garden beds where they can tend to their plants, water them and watch them grow. Imagine their delight in sharing with the family a tomato or pea that they have grown in their very own garden!

With the outdoors and the garden in mind I've put together this post to let you know the great outdoor tools and toys for children that Dragonfly has in stock.
 This retro inspired gardening book for children is a beautiful way for children to learn about gardening. There are lots of suggestions for ways to plant and also instructions for plenty of garden crafts.

Our beautiful flower press comes in two different sizes. Children love to collect leaves and flowers for craft. Make the dried flowers into book marks, use them in collages, glue them into a nature journal or blank cards.
 Encourage the children to join you outside to weed and tend the garden. They thrive on this sort of work and feel like they are doing very good jobs for you indeed! This set of garden tools are made from wood and metal and will last for a very long time.
disc swing

Our disc swing is perfect for swinging. It's different to a traditional swing because of the variety of movement. You should see me children run and jump onto one of these in one giant big leap! It makes you want to hang it higher from the tree so you can join in!
 All of our Kraul kits are perfect for outdoor exploration and play. Our most popular toy has to be the basket cable car. Hang them from tree to tree and let the children make up all sorts of games as their friends travel through the air.
 Another wonderful outdoor activity for children is using the amazing Kraul kaleidoscope. Watch as the children try to gather as much as they can to see how they look through the windows of the kaleidoscope. Enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the beauty of Spring!

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