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Winter is an inward, reflective time. Even for children who don't experience snow, winter is a time of seeking warmth and quietness. An introspective time where we need to cherish family life and the wonder and mysteries of the earth. Here is a beautiful post about midwinter and rituals to bring meaning to this time of the year:

To add to your seasonal book collection, Dragonfly has a range of books that will acknoweldge and find joy in this time of the year. Any Room for me
by Loek Koopmans tells the story of a dropped mitten. First a little mouse claims it as a warm house and then, one by one, is joined by other animals. Simply but beautifully told and illustrated. The Tomten
The Tomtenwas first published in 1960 in Sweden and it tells the story of the famous Swedish gnome, The Tomten, who quietly goes about his work at night, talking to the animals and doing little jobs. He is beautiful and mysterious and this book has to be our number one winter  favourite. Written by Astrid Lindgren of Pippi Longstockings fame. Winter, Awake! In this delightfully illustrated story, young children can find that for “every thing there is a season.”

Winter, Awake! tells what happens one year when Winter will not wake. The tired trees need to rest. Their fallen leaves have made a leafy blanket for the sleeping seeds. After much encouragement winter finally awakes!
 Winter by Gerda Muller This beautifully illustrated board book by Gerda Muller takes children through the Winter Season. Although it is Northern hemisphere based with a heavy concentration on snow and, the last two pages feature Christmas, children still love looking at the snowy scenes. 

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