If you still have children at home than holidays are usually marked by nothing more than no 40 zones around school areas when driving, but for those who look forward to the relief from the school term busy-ness, there comes a time when you need some ideas up your sleeve.

1. For my active boys, I will need to get out at least once a day with them- rain, hail or shine. Even if it is just a scooter ride around the streets or a walk to the park. Getting out always makes the day go a little easier. The more physical the better!

2. Playdates. I love the fact that in holidays I get to catch up with my friends as they catch up with theirs. I find the older they get the more they just want to hang out with their friends and I'm partial to a cup of tea.

3. The library. I love the library. No need to say anymore.

4. Putting together crafts for them to do- in advance. This takes a little thought and preparation but the internet is full of craft ideas for children and putting together something the night before might save an afternoon.

5. Cooking. Every single day we cook. It becomes trickier when they are all at home but I let them decide what each of them want to cook and then they can take turns.

6. Give them jobs to do. The boys spent a very productive morning washing our two cars. They loved it. The soap, the hose, the wiping...

7. Wash and clean up their bikes. Make up a bike repair shop in the backyard and make them sparkle. Go for a ride.

Below are some craft ideas we have at Dragonfly to put in the cupboard to save for a rainy day...

  • The tie dye kits from Magic starfish are exciting to do AND the children get a bag to show off to their friends.
  • The candle making kits are a lovely activity you can all do together.
  • The papoose felt craft kits are great for those children up to stitching. Felt babushka's, teddy bears, key rings, purses and bags.
  • We have a lot of inspirational craft books for children.
  • Colouring in books. Pulled out at exactly the right moment a good colouring book has made us through to dinner time. Enjoy the holidays with your children because before you know it you will be making those lunches again.

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