Kala Raksha

Kala Raksha has the most beautiful board games! From India, these games remove the 'board' from the board game and replace it with embroidered and appliqued fabric. Founded in 1993, Kala Raksha is a grassroots social enterprise located in the Kutch region in India. Its aim is to preserve the traditional arts and crafts of many of the cultures in India. Artisan initiative and participation continue to be the pillars of Kala Raksha's work. Artisan Design Committees create exquisite contemporary work based in their traditions. Artisan Pricing Committees establish fair wages. Finally, artisans participate in sale of their work, linking them directly to their market. Kala Raksha produces some of the most exquisitely hand embroidered and patch worked products made in Kutch. Using only natural fibers and wherever possible natural dyes, the Trust makes a wide range of garments, accessories and home furnishings. At Dragonfly we are so pleased to have a few of Kala Raksha's beautiful games. Every detail of these games is beautiful. From the wooden dice, leather tokens, mirrored checkers and embroidered cloth boards...every detail is attended to with care and expertise. All the games come in beautiful fabric bags. There is a tradtional Indian games like Chopad and Tigers and Goats (small soft toy playing pieces..too cute!) to the more known Snakes & Ladders and Checkers. These games are more than simple board games. They would make a beautiful, thoughtful gift for someone who is difficult to buy for. The games would look beautiful spread out on a coffee table or side board for people to pick up and play on a whim.

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