PRODUCT REVIEW: My Brave Knights

The boys have had Tim's swords for over a year now and they are their pride and joy. They have held up to some serious battles with dragons and knights and not so serious jousting with each other. When we gave the swords we had to have the discussion about rough play and how to use the swords in a creative, imaginative way. I have been suprised how little I have had to speak to them about the inappropriate use of the swords. These swords should be treated with the respect a serious knight would give his swords. We have the round shields, which can be held in the left or right hand. The scabbards just complete the outfit and are handy when exploring the wild places. Tim is a true craftsman, each sword is individually made, sanded and finished with natural oil and beeswax. The scabbards are made from leather and can be worn in several different ways; around the leg, the back or the front for easy sword access. I think we can honour a boy's interest in knights and dragons while teaching them about the power of the sword and the etiquette of imaginative battles.

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