PRODUCT REVIEW: Kokonor Pencil Rolls

I have to mention again how beautiful our pencil rolls are. Our lovely ladies in India do such a perfect job on them; the fabric used is just so gorgeous. Good quality pencils, like the Lyra ones we stock, deserve to be held in something that befits them. It goes back to Dragonfly’s ethic of goodness and beauty. A child’s art should be something that is deemed worthy of your time and attention, it is their spirit that is shining through as they put down on paper what is swirling around in their little heads. I love nothing more than seeing my children lost in the land of drawing. One son in particular is prolific and determined to cover every space he can. He has an experience and then, later that afternoon, he will draw it. I find the Lyra pencils, because of their smoothness and the truth of their colour, encourage the love of art- which brings me back to the pencil rolls. The pencil roll is the perfect item to encourage the care of beautiful things. After they have been used the pencils can be put away with love and care, rolled up and left in a special spot for the next time inspiration strikes (they will also hold pencils safely for travel and outings). Encouraging care and attention is what I want to foster in my sons, rather than letting them submit to a more disposable culture and attitude. View our full range of pencil rolls instore here

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