Small Goethe's Circle Puzzle
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Small Goethe's Circle Puzzle

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Small Goethe's Circle Puzzle All of the puzzles in this range really are breathtakingly beautiful - an incredibly special gift. When people see these stunning wooden puzzles for the first time they are always amazed by the beauty of the colours and shapes and the potential they allow for infinite designs and arrangements. These puzzles encourage a feeling for colours and forms, three dimensional thinking and inner flexibility. There are endless variations possible once the pieces are removed from the wooden frame. The wood has a wonderful weight and feel and the colours are brilliant. The thickness of the puzzles is a significant difference between the three sizes - the small are thinner, flatter - more two-dimensional - but still very beautiful. The large puzzles are thick and chunky - 4cm thick. This allows the shapes to be used in three-dimensional designs - with the shapes laying flat or sitting upright. The medium sized puzzles sit somewhere in between at 2cm thick. These puzzles are wonderful for adults, and for children from 4 years. The blocks sit in a wooden frame. This puzzle has a diameter of 16 cm and is approximately 1.5 cm thick

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