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Enamel Children's Mug Cream with Blue Flowers

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Images don’t do it justice how gorgeous this cup is.

Nostalgia tableware suitable for everyday use - enamel plates, cups and more
Enamel can be used very well as a food-safe, environmentally friendly and durable material suitable for everyday use. With enamel crockery - enamel plates, enamel cups, jugs, bowls - you bring the enamel that has been tried and tested for centuries back to its deserved place.

A nice side effect of processing with enamel: Enamel crockery can be wonderfully decorated and adorned, since color elements are simply melted into the coating, i.e. the enamel glass. That means these colors are here to stay: And that for many years or even decades, dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant.

This cosy mug with cream background and blue flowers decoration is made just the right size for kids. Cuddle in with a hot cuppa! 

Size: 7.5 cm diameter x 7 cm tall.

Also comes in a bird heart against white enamel design. 

Made in Germany. 

Enamel, or fused glass, has been known in the glass and blacksmith trade for thousands of years. Molten glass is applied as a coating to a base metal, most commonly sheet steel. At a little over 800° Celsius, a very heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant protective layer is formed on the metal.

Because that is what is really fascinating about enamel: theoretically, it can last indefinitely. 100 years, 1000 years... no problem, as enamel products from antiquity prove to us to this day. Improper handling can cause the enamel layer to flake off, but in fact today's enamel products are much more impact-resistant even against these traditional weaknesses thanks to the thinner glass layer possible today. It has been known since the invention of enamel that the enamel protective layer undoubtedly has outstanding properties, despite the risk of splintering, comparable to state-of-the-art high-tech materials.


  • Enamel creates a cut, scratch, acid and alkali resistant surface
  • Enamel is easy to clean, antibacterial and antiallergic
  • Enamel is food safe (odorless and tasteless)
  • Even with more intensive use, there is hardly any abrasion thanks to the enamel
  • Optimum heat distribution and heat storage when frying and heating on all types of stoves
  • Resistant to climate, UV and weather, enamel is therefore perfect for outdoor signage
  • Incombustible and non-conductive


With so many positive qualities, it is natural to ask whether there are also disadvantages. In addition to the reduced breaking strength despite modern processes, the risk of chipping remains a disadvantage of enamel. Since the chipping caused by improper handling in enamel products that come into contact with food is mostly on the outside, there can be no objections to the enamel from this side.

The last minor disadvantage of enamel is that the production of good enamel is relatively expensive, which means that the low prices of pure plastic or metal goods cannot be achieved. Compared to pure metal, however, the protective properties of the coating win, compared to plastics and chemical coatings the sustainability of the enamel wins.

Most environmentally friendly alternative to any coating of its kind

What makes enamel particularly interesting these days is the absolutely unparalleled environmental friendliness: only iron, quartz, clay, feldspar, borax, soda and potash are required in the production of enamel, all of which are common mineral resources. No living being has to suffer for the production and every product made of enamel is 100% recyclable in addition to its extreme durability. The energy-intensive melting process is very efficient thanks to today's technology.

Due to the reconsideration of the overall balance of the economics of enamel, the material is currently experiencing a comeback. Enamel, which was kept alive for a long time mainly in industrial and medical applications, is increasingly taking its deserved place in German households. In addition to the strong trend towards a return to the "good old days", enamel helps modernize the production processes and the environmental compatibility at every level of the production process, which is in no way affected.

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