AURIS, is a company based in Sweden, Järna, south of Stockholm.

Auris – the word is Latin and means: ” belonging to the ear” – was founded 1978 by the carpenter and musician Kjell Andersson. 

The work started with a couple of very challenging projects. The music therapist Hans G. Klose asked for a Solo lyre, a 41 stringed instrument for professional use, it turned out so good that it soon were followed by a second order. This time a bow bass was built, a therapy cello for two players and the result was so encouraging and inspiring that it lead to continued manufacturing of musical instruments. 

Intensive studies to deepen the knowledge in acoustics and instrument building techniques were started. In co-operation with H.G Klose and the music teacher Per Ahlbom, Kjell Andersson at Auris developed a series of new models. 

Our instruments slowly became known and met a positive response among teachers, musicians and common people with a sense for good sound and design.

To keep up with the increasing demand, the production methods has been  modernised, though the touch of genuine craft man ship always comes in the first place at Auris.   

Along side with the devoted instrument work Auris has a social commitment. Since 1988 we make room for a group of handicapped young people, whom with the help of special adapted machines, in a meaningful way takes part in the production.  

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