Heirloom Seeds Sweet Corn
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Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Corn

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A sweet variety of corn that has juicy kernels with a high sugar content. A wind pollinated vegetable that bumps into each other dislodging pollen from the tassel on top to the silk on each developing cob. If growing in small numbers hand pollination is recommended.Beans fix your soil with nitrogen that they naturally produce, so a moderately fertile, free-draining soil is required. Ensuring pH is within the recommended range. 

Corn is a greedy feeder, so you will need to prepare a rich soil. Add compost and fresh manure, and allow to settle for a fortnight before planting. 

Soil pH Level  5.5–7.0 

Full sun, with protection from wind. Remember that corn is a large plant that casts a long shadow, so position accordingly. 

How to Plant 
Best grown in an in-ground veggie patch. Sow the seeds directly into the patch 

Spacing  20–30 cm 

Depth  1 -5cm 

Companion Plants 


 **No shipping of seeds to Western Australia**

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