Fire Bowl
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Fire Bowl

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This beautiful and well made fire bowl by Kraul is wonderful for familiarising children with the element of fire. It is possible to show children how to learn to use fire safely and responsibly with this Fire Bowl and have great fun in the process. Looking at the fire, cooking sausages or corn on a cob, making damper and more can all be done safely with the Fire Bowl.

All children have a natural curiousity towards fire. Being able to use, master and experience it in a fun way allows them to put fire danger in proportion. This knowledge is particularly valuable for the whole educational development of the child. 

It is a beautiful thing to see the fascination with which children watch the fire, placing little twigs on it and experiencing its heat.In this environment even the noisest little scallywag, settles down and becomes quiet and calm.

Of course, the fire bowl gives grownups lots of pleasure too. Since it is a small fire pit, it can be used in any part of the garden. It provides light and a pleasant heat. 

You can also roast food on the firebowl with the Pan and Stand which is old separately here. 

Please note that children may play with the fire bowl under adult supervision and should take all care and precaution when handling fire. 

Size is 24 cm in Diameter and Weights 3.1 kg.

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