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Candle Car Kit

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This kit demonstrates the direct conversion of heat into electrical energy by means of the Seebeck effect. As in solar cells, power generation without moving mechanical parts occurs directly through processes at the atomic level. The coupled with heat atomic vibrations lead to a gradient of the electron distribution and thus an electrical voltage. thermoelectricity

A simple household tealight is the fuel of this three-wheeled car. Place the candle car on a flat, smooth surface. Then fill the upper cooling water bowl to about one third with cold water and light the tealight. Due to the resulting temperature difference on the two sides of the thermogenerator this generates an electrical voltage that supplies the drive motor of the front axle. After a minute or two, the candle car slowly picks up speed. The car drives straight or can be steered by turning the middle joint (screw with wing nut) on circular paths with adjustable radius. By using water from the fridge and adding ice cubes, the speed can be further increased.

An assembly drawing and instructions for installation in German and English are attached. 
Dimension: Diameter ~ 100mm, height ~ 150mm 
The running time with the attached tealight is 3-4 hours.

See video here

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